Easy Christmas table decoration!

Simple Table Decorations I. Small various golden Christmas Baubles inside an upturned wine glass, with a tea light on top of the base.


Море идей из мешковины,верёвки,сезаля,шпагата.

Holiday Prim Snowman made by BaaHurrah Farm

SEASONAL – CHRISTMAS – the magic of the holiday makes another appearance in an adorable presentation of holiday decor and the holiday primitive snowman made by the folks at baahurrah farm.

ADORABLE christmas treats! I would probably only make some for me and my kids to eat, cause it would take FOREVER to make enough for a party, but still cute and fun.

Santa strawberries from Leanne Bakes are a quick and easy Christmas treat. Sweet strawberries are filled with whipped cream and studded with chocolate sprinkles - what could be simpler?This is a great snack to make with your kids around the holiday

Шампанское в шпагате

You can create a plethora of decorative items using general glass items lying in your house.