apartment: Living/Bed room - The solid wall that closed the alcove to hide the bed was removed, in favor of a glass wall lined with a sheer fabric lightly hiding the sleeping area and allowing it to receive the light of day.

Fönstervägg för att separera sovrum med resten. HUR SNYGGT OCH HARMONISKT OCH SÄKERLIGEN ALLDELES FÖR DYRT??


400 square feet may not seem like a lot — but that& reckoning without the ingenuity of Swedish design. Thanks to a simple but very smart floor plan, this diminutive Swedish apartment makes living small look positively luxurious.

Compact Living | DESIGN AND FORM

White walls seem to be getting a bad rap this days. All those insipid white walls. There is nothing washed-out about this Swedish apartment though. Moody greys add depth and character, acting as a foi

Falugatan 21 - Erik Olsson fastighetsförmedling

One-room apartments are very challenging in terms of interior design and décor. Because there’s such a tiny space to work with in the first place, the designer has to be ingenious and to find ways to save space.

Ikea compact living COCO LAPINE DESIGN Bloglovin’

Ikea compact living (COCO LAPINE DESIGN)

Mina materialval. Ljusa trägolv, vitt och betong. Snygg detalj med det låga stänkskyddet i rostfritt. Detaljnörderi. Älsk på dessa übersnygga strömbrytare! Jag föll verkligen för de fina materialvalen och detaljerna i den här ljusa, lilla lägenheten. Avskärmning till sovdelen blir en fin lösning (även om jag personligen känner en viss... Read more

Brown tones add such a lovely warmth to bright white spaces. I usually gravitate towards darker tones, but the caramel colour of the leather sofa below provides a striking contrast against the monochr

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