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Wood Profits - Baladeuse design sur support bois original : luminaire par Art-bala Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!

Way cool! Something to do with the shelf hangers from the old teak veneer shelves (the veneer, 50 yo is cracking). Yay!

Poul Cadovius' unique shelving system ROYAL SYSTEM® was on everyone's lips in the and has now acquired the rights to revive the legendary furniture classic. ROYAL SYSTEM® shelving system was designed in 1948 by legendary Danish designer an

E aí, como preencher o Hall de Entrada? Adoramos tudo nessa inspiração um espelho pra conferir se está tudo ok antes de sair, um cabideiro para as bolsas e casacos, um lugar para colocar as chaves...tudo isso sem ficar pesado e ocupar espaço de circulação. Amamos!

You’re already a decluttering pro. Here are seven ways to streamline your home without actually getting rid of anything at all.

The Piece Collective Venice is the new shop on the Abbot Kinney block full of well curated, pretty treasures.

Ni kanske såg den fina klädhängaren i mitt föregående inlägg? Det får bli dagens DIY-tips! Köp en lagom längd metallrör, rep/snöre och två krokar att fästa i taket - och vips, så har du tillverkat…

Stylishly Simple Wardrobe Ideas - 10 little inspirations to help you make the most of your wardrobe space. Ideas for changing and renovating your Wardrobe.

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DIY Key Holder With Wooden Beads. Keys are always laying around, so having one central location with a little extra cuteness is a win win! Check out and create one super cute wooden beads key holder like this for your own

Bildresultat för stringhylla hall

Bildresultat för stringhylla hall

Det kan behövas en del finess för att få plats med allt vi behöver i det lilla sovrummet. Som tur är finns dessa Ikea-hacks för att göra det hela enklare!

5 geniala Ikea-hacks för ett litet sovrum

Next time you’re at a thrift store, pick up an inexpensive belt + whip up these lovely drawer pulls.

MACKAPÄR Klädhängare med skoförvaring  - IKEA

MACKAPÄR Klädhängare med skoförvaring

IKEA - MACKAPÄR, Coat rack with shoe storage unit, You can place the clothes rail at the front or rear part of the cabinet, depending on if you want to use hangers or hooks.The hooks can be moved around to accommodate what you hang up.

Ellos gröna sköna höst 2017

Ellos gröna sköna höst 2017 (Inredningshjälpen)