Making Sequences - Träna berättande med bildstöd/sekvenser

Are you tired of carrying around all those cardboard picture sequencing cards? Try using our app, "Making Sequences," instead. Use one of the fifteen sequences we made for you or upload the pictures you take to create your own!

Flashcardapps - En sajt med info om 148 olika appar med flashcards för iPhone & iPad. Hur mycket info som helst och här kan säkert var och en hitta en app som passar. Nån helg när andan faller på så ska jag kolla!

Overview and all the details on the flashcard apps that exist for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Studieväg 1 - SFI flipp Säffle Lärcenter

If you’ve been around the block, you’ve probably come across some posts stating that Writer’s Block just doesn’t exist. According to some it just has to be some figment of o…