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Beautiful, organized entry hallway with hooks, shelves and shoe storage. Really like the built in baskets

Karsten kan fixa belysning i bardisken som på bilden. Kan vara bra när hösten kommer och det blir mörkare, speciellt om du vill ha meny där eller annat som du vill skall synas dessutom mysigt..... Donny's Bar, designed by Sydney studio Luchetti Krelle

The best cafe, bar and restaurant interiors of the year gallery - Vogue Living Donny's Bar (NSW) by Luchetti Krelle.

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Chu/AntiChaos! Boot stands Outside!, bitty bench, tools+gloves, barometer, pet door, bet there's a hatrack just out of sight...all collected coming or going! Marvelous.

Build this in the mud room at the back door. So I can wash the dogs, and in the same area rinse the boots off. For when i am working w/ garden chemicals tha i do not want brought into the house build this stand outside the back door.