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Agnes Norgren

Agnes Norgren
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Hahahaha, I can smell the fanfiction XD


Captain America 3 : Hehehe I love Ant-Man. My mom thought that the movie and the hero would ne dumb but then she saw the movie and liked it! I'm just like "Never doubt Marvel!" But he and Spiderman were so funny in Civil War.

I just buried my face in a pillow and screamed in agony.

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH No.Come on they can't be that stupid can they? How the hell can't they know about blue food? Logan plays Percy for crying out loud! He should know what blue food is!This is one of the many reasons the movies suck.

Perfect pause.

He's like an animal here - a lot of the sounds he makes while fighting Steve sound animalistic, because he's basically been turned into one. That's the sound of my heart, shattering into millions of pieces