Easy enough and not toxic - Weed Killer

Weed killer- Vinegar, Salt and Dawn. I made a batch of this today and within hours the weeds were dead. It really worked. I am thrilled, because it is cheap, natural and easy - Beautiful Yards Today

DIY Old Wheel Mosaic Flower Pot.

DIY Old Wheel Mosaic Flower Pot flower diy gardening crafts easy crafts ~ No-no-no. But it would be fun do do mosaics over clay pots.

Spring is coming and this is the BEST Weed Spray.  I made 3 gallons for around $4.00 last year after seeing a pin.  Worked better than Round Up

kills the weeds/stray grass One gallon of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, c table salt, 1 tsp Dawn. Mix and pour into a smaller spray bottle. (you can purchase 3 gallon size Apple Cider Vinegar in the canning section of a good hardware store - cheap!

Simple Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 42 Pics

Lovely ideas from a French garden. This is spray-painted chicken wire! Add a wooden craft ball painted in glow in the dark paint to light up at night

How to make your own lawn fertilizer. A simple DIY way to green-up your grass this year!

Give Your Bathroom Vanity A Facelift

1 bottle of beer 1 can of soda ½ cup of mouthwash ½ cup of ammonia ½ cup of dish soap (regular) Mix it all together and add it to a hose sprayer. Wake up early in the morning, after the last frost of the season has hit, and apply the solution to your law

Alternative Gardning: Growing Rose From Cutting have to remember this

Rolls of roses: Simply plunge the cuttings into the ground. Before planting cuttings, push the bottom end into a small potato, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. It sounds crazy, but the row of allotment roses is proof it works.

Great idea!  Rope lighting around the garden...inexpensive, waterproof-and can use a timer!

Rope lighting in flower beds. This works perfect for lighting a walkway. I used the rope light holders that stick in the ground and cut off half the spike.