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Dear Mind, Please Stop Thinking So Much At Night..... I Need To Sleep!

Bello Everyone I really love minions, they are so adorable yet they do some really stupid random funny things … that makes them even more compelling … So if you are fan minions then thi…

you haunt me in my dreams, your in my thoughts atleast once a day.. I miss you and I'll keep on waiting an hoping that someday you'll come back to me :'(

I feel like I am waiting, but I am not. I just have no interest elsewhere. I know with my heart that I dont want you at all unless God makes that happen, it is He that I wait upon. My brain gets in the way occassionally, but I know and trust my LORD.

I loved when we were like that....i can't wait til I'm home again so we can be here again<3

Then he just stopped and stared at her, unblinking. "These are the only moments I am jealous of my father" he said. "Moments with you" he explained "That's when I wish I could stop time.

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It Cannot Be Unseen I share this with you S, because I feel like funny baby stuff is our "thing." This is pretty dang funny. And you're Furby aged. We had Popples.

Funny Beauty Memes | POPSUGAR Beauty

Me in "Uhh, What is makeup? and my mom doesn't use makeup. So, What is makeup?<<<< It stabbing your eye with eye liner XD