concrete boots in the garden

A pair of concrete wellingtons diving into a field of flowers, it looks playful and fun. make from hypertufa

Burlap Sack Flower Planter Made of Concrete

Burlap Sack Flower Planter Made of Concrete. Maybe use burlap sack and use draped concrete method.

Doppa, torka och häng. En riktigt tung murarskjorta blir trädgårdens tjusigaste prydnad.

concrete shirt / garden art I wonder if I could figure out how to do this in a "dip and drape" fashion with mixed cement. Might be fun to experiment and see.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle betonisaapas

Use childrens old rubberboots as model to make these beton boots for candles.


DIY Concrete Hand Planters - Goods Home Design. Go to the website and search for "concrete hands planter".

cement stövlar

old rubber boots - fill and cut off (leave PVC or ? to create planting area)

Da kniet jemand Beet

Da kniet jemand Beet

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