Forest Desire Palette - Oh So Tropical Could use this palette for the blog!

Forest Desire Palette - Blush sheets, the lighter gray for the bedding Lots of plant life in the various greens.


Love the floors Minimalist bedroom with gray hues, simple bedding, and a simple black nightstand

Sovrumsinspiration i en rogivande grön färgskala

Sovrumsinspiration i en rogivande grön färgskala

sovrum-petra tungården

sovrum-petra tungården -- I add: I actually really don't like plain bulbs without a diffuser of some sort -- it hurts my eyes to look at them and it's just harsh on the eyes. But decoration-wise, the bulbs do look cool in this photo.


Amazing combination of light blue curtains from floor to ceiling, grey bed, grey carpet and pendant light bulbs