Orchids for beginners: an experienced grower tells how she cares for her orchids and what you need to know to get started at home.

Learn to Grow ORCHIDS for Beginners

Orchids for beginners: find out which orchids are good starter plants and the basic care involved - DIY Fairy Gardens

Burlap Sack Flower Planter Made of Concrete

Burlap Sack Flower Planter Made of Concrete. Maybe use burlap sack and use draped concrete method.

Old cloth soak it in cement water.. Drape it to dry... Paint... Flower pots!

old cloth and concrete wash flower pots - Take an old cloth soak in cement water, drape over a stand and leave in the sun to dry. Paint and you have beautiful plant holders


Starú paletu rozdelila na 3 časti. To, čo z nej vyrobila na záhradu, budete…

Flower Bike, Hanoi | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Flower Bike, Hanoi, Vietnam -- photo: blaise_reymondin by lolita