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In case you are searching for some projects for your little boys, which can be kid’s toys or fun decorations of boy’s room, you are on the right place to be. As a parent we know that boys of all ages love to play with race cars, race tracks, and all things with wheels. So [...]

DIY Projects for Kids Inspired by Race Car Tracks

Rastaktivitet Skogstorp: ...och lite samarbetsövningar.....

Rastaktivitet Skogstorp: ...och lite samarbetsövningar.....

Schedules and routines are great for kids, including our little ones, and they help us have a sense of order and control too. So, how do we do it?

What should I do with my kids all day!?

Toddler routines and toddler schedules are necessary, but can be difficult to figure out. What should you do with your kids all day? Learn two basic types of schedules for toddlers and pres (Diy Crafts For Toddlers)

Babblarna foot and handprints

Babblarna foot and handprints

We have some absolutely lovely neighbours. Neighbours who were thrilled at the chance to swap firewood from their woods for (loads of) eggs from our lovely ladies. Goodness, is there anything my chickens can’t do? They can even keep us warm all winter long. That great big load of wood, ready to be chopped, had...Read More »

An Invitation to Build Big

A simple invitation to build big and create with wood. Balance beams, boats - you name it. Great for heavy work and gross motor development, plus just plain old outdoor fun!