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Portable hard drive with detachable thumb drives

What types of portable hard drives have you seen in the past? You have USB flash drives, portable USB hard drives, and even portable SSD USB drives, but what would be even cooler? Imagine having a portable hard drive that uses three flash drives for

Samsung Aqua concept phone.

The Samsung Aqua concept phone has been developed, featuring a touch cell phone that appears to be made of water. The phone will not be on the market for many years to come, but this further shows the advances being taken in technology.

Laser Projection Keyboard from Brookstone ($99)

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard, Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. Easily pair the laser projection Virtual keyboard with your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Finder – a sticker on things you lose often that tracks it's location

Put tracking stickers on objects that you lose often, like keys, phone, wallet etc. Tell the app on your device what THAT sticker is on ("car keys"). Then when you need to find it, use the app to find that sticker (and your keys).