concrete finishes

Artwork with a touch of design - concrete finishes as artwork for your wall! Do you want a concrete wall?

The OVERGROWTH Art Book for Ransom Limited EDITIONS by Parker Fitzgerald and Riley Messina for Ransom Limited

Ransom Limited is raising funds for The OVERGROWTH Art Book for Ransom Limited EDITIONS on Kickstarter! OVERGROWTH is an artistic collaboration and earnest search for beauty expressed through humans and nature.

Carlos Regueira

vjeranski: “Carlos Regueira No title “, Painting, Acrylic on paper 61 x 46 cm ”

White Horses(paper sculptures) by Anna Wili Highfield

incredible paper sculptures Anna-Wili Highfield Horse Mask For Hermes 2011 Approx. 100 x 110 x 100 cm Cotton paper, ink, cotton thread, silk, copper pipe internals with hard hat.

Colours and art, inspiration... ethan cook

How to create a minimum viable product (MVP)

Artist : Sergej Jensen | K A T H R Y N C L A R K

Sergei Jensen 2011 & Louise Nevelson 1969 "the leftovers" Sergei Jensen, January 2011 - May 2011 "In a way tha.

Antonio Mora Art

Beautifully Surreal Portrait Series Blended into Landscape Photos by Antonio Mora. Spanish artist Antonio Mora specializes in creating dream-like self-port

DIY – textil konst (IKEA Sverige - Livet Hemma)

The Abstract Wall Art Stretch out this abstract fabric over two wooden panels to create a major wow-factor within your living space.

I agree "Barnett Newman. If I was a billionaire, I'd love to have abstract expressionist paintings in my home.