diy wooden bead candle wreath...

wood bead wreath // diy tutorial - using a wreath form, glue on wooden beads


A winter favorite, DIY paper snowflakes are a wonderful activity for the whole family. The Lost Boys (and girls) in your crew will love creating their own unique snowflakes. Hang in your home's windows for an added touch of winter.


Holiday wreath --- A honeysuckle vine wreath is covered with moss and silver jingle bells. This wreath took me about 20 minutes to make. Hot glue moss to wreath - wrap with jute and tie on jingle bells.

Love this Wreath!

DIY Pine Cone Snowflake Wreath - This Christmas go natural! Create a snowflake wreath using pine cones. Glue pine cones to a cardboard snowflake template.

Perler bead snowflakes...such a great and easy idea...why didn't I think of this??

DIY Hama or Perler Bead Ornaments. Top Photo: Heart Ornaments from Craft and Creativity here. Bottom Photo: Snowflake Ornaments from heodeza here (plus a link to snowflake templates). Perler Beads are.

Så Vitt Jag Vet: Vår natur...

Fall Heather Cottage -- Love the Scottish Heather above all else.or any kind of heather. Heather grows on Cape Cod too.