This is the perfect bathroom for the master suite. The only change we would want would  be to set the mirrored cupboards into the wall as they are currently protrude and sit above the wash basins. We love the wooden stands with integrated drawers and shelf space, the basins, the bath and the freestanding taps. We love the polished concrete floor

Random Inspiration 81

Tigh Port na Long by Dualchas Architects | Home Adore

Tigh Port na Long by Dualchas Architects

Casa LA by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Casa LA by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Casa LA was born out of an especially fruitful relationship between the architects, Elías Rizo Arquitectos, and the client. Thorough communication was established from the beginning and the architects were granted complete trust to translate their

Vaucluse Home by B.E Architecture

Hopetoun Avenue House B.E Architecture completed the Hopetoun Avenue house in Vaucluse, a suburb of Sydney, Australia

Namly House by Chang Architects

Namly House, Singapore, designed by Chang Architects, has won the ‘World’s Best Villa’ award at the prestigious World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards The judging of the WAF Awards is taking place during the largest global celebratio

Appealathon House by Zorzi Builders

Appealathon House by Zorzi Builders

Granwood by Zorzi devised a truly unforgettable creation with this Appealathon House. The house almost feels like it's several modern buildings in one.

Pinewood of Marina by Massimo Fiorido Associati

this is a renovation of a house in marina di castagneto carducci by sundaymorning & massimo fiorido associati. the fifties house has been covered in travertine and a beautiful staircase has been added to reach the rooftop. via : dezeen …