but then again i am not sure.................

I think I have Alzheimer's because I can't remember when I asked for your fucking opinion

That, or a Apache helicopter, Apache helicopters have missles, checkmate atheists. Oh wait.

Sniper Rectangle Decal

My idea of "help from above" is a sniper on the roof. This is very proudly a Cannibal Rose original quote.

This is me all the time especially because every guy I like ends up dating my bff Why just why

Im depressed, my crush likes this hot tamale, and he doesnt even look at me, she is perf, I am not perf.sad:( but I totally got over it!

Yep. Pay attention to what number you are on someone's priority list.

no one is really busy. it all depends on what number you are on their priority list. Apparently only when u r needed your number is low


i cant talk about PLL, HP, OUAT, or even Criminal Minds bc my whole family cant stand it.i hate my life

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Tips for interior designers: customer personality inspiration

So much, but that is what happens with emotionally abused survivors. They lose themselves.

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