Old book turned into gift bags - by Craft & Creativity

Old book turned into gift bags - by Craft & Creativity < <<<NOOOOOOO! That book could've been a classic! The poor book.

These beautiful winter skies were made with bleeding blue and purple tissue paper. Pair the craft with a five sense writing activity. What might you see, hear, touch, or smell if you were in this setting?

You can make beautiful bleeding tissue paper art with small squares of turquoise and purple. Apply water and they leave behind amazing swirly winter skies.

32 kids christmas craft - 101ideer.se

Zawieszki choineczki (Coloured Christmas Trees) - Simple and beautiful DIY decorations using yarn/wool.


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One day - when there are children. each put their thumb print on and add a little feature to say who is who (e. eyelashes for mum, bow for daughter, etc).(Diy Crafts For Christmas)

Att göra en fredag (via Bloglovin.com )

Att göra en fredag (Elsa Billgren)

DIY Cool Halloween decorations for the front of the fire place. Or imagine these painted white for Christmas ♥