Albrecht Dürer ‘Wing of a European Roller’ (modified) 1512 Watercolor and Gouache on Vellum

I had no idea Dürer also used watercolors. Albrecht Dürer ‘Wing of a European Roller’ (modified) 1512 Watercolor and Gouache on Vellum

Dali and Rhinoceros  Philippe Halsman

Dali and Rhinoceros What a weird finding, a photo of Mr. Dali and a rhinoceros, taken by Phillippe Halsman.


Funny photography, sometimes with luck, sometimes just perfectly timed. Check out Part 20 more Perfectly Timed Photos

Dalton Ghetti

Miniature Art On the Tip of Pencil by Dalton Ghetti

Carved pencil lead by Dalton Ghetti.

Polar Bear

polar bear art by Philipp Igumnov


caitlow's save of Abstract Prints Contemporary Modern Wall Art Print by Destiny Womack - Wishes - dWo on Wanelo

Emily Franklin

A Time for Reflection: Mirrors in Folklore and Superstition Since mankind first saw its own reflection, we have been fascinated by surfaces that cast our image back to us.

Rob Corradetti

Frogs 'n Flies by Rob Corradetti

Judith Ann Braun

New York based artist Judith Braun creates wonderful paintings using her fingers instead of paintbrushes. Talented painter draws beautiful landscapes and symmetrical artworkswith nothing more than bare hands dipped in charcoal dust.

Riusuke Fukahori 3D Goldfish

riusuke fukahori: goldfish salvation at ICN gallery

Artist Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three-Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin

Kal Gajoum

Official site for artist Kal Gajoum.


Illo, by Kai & Sunny