two words.

stage. manager.

Mostly I just stand around being fantastic. Refrigerator Magnet by bluntcard


Unfortunately the house usually looks better than me. (just not enough time & my husband is more concerned with the house looking good)

Don't I know it.

NHBPM – Sunday Quotes – Humour

If you're not shaking @Kelly

Coffee, If you're not shaking you need another cup! This is my motto!

Sorry this is to good not to pin...ha!  ..

i see your point of the time. you are full of shit of the time.


TONS of Christmas ideas including crafts/DIY, homemade ornaments, gifts tags & wraps, wreaths, and homemade gifts. MUST make time for this website.

.This is pretty much how I feel this morning. And every morning.

Haven’t had my coffee yet, don’t make me kill you. // People should not annoy me before I have my coffee. You'll just a sarcastic response that is intended to make you shut up and go away.

This is my ideal weekend. Include bikes and some sun and we are ready to go!

A fun Fall activity? Picnics in the park (except someone needs to tell these guys that their picnic is where the engine should be in that beetle- technically the "trunk" is in the front of those cars")


Mom show daughter how to ice a cake. Such a heartwarming sweet vintage moment of mother-daughter kitchen bonding.


Bluntcards - Bluntcard makes cards that are pretty hilarious, taking everyone’s personal thoughts and placing them on a classy backdrop. Bluntcard i.