If a chandelier has exposed globes, to prevent overheating, choose bulbs with low wattage.

that lamp makes me want to quit being a renter and buy a place so that replacing light fixtures isn't a waste of time.

The home of Linda Åhman (Sköna hem) – Husligheter.se

Home tour: Linda Åhman

Cool Combination: Dark grey walls, the ceiling looks bigger by painting white on the walls. Light grey bed spread adds structure and liveliness to the room.

Because of the plant I'm not 100% sure if this is decorated specifically w/ B covered magazines or if all the color was desaturated in PhotoShop except for the green. The former, however, would be interesting. ~M

inspiration for dining room wall - photo ledges and all black and white photos (notice spacing between shelves).

Klädhängare, Rund

Klädhängare, Rund