Drape cheesecloth over tissue paper bells with ghost faces.

Wedding Bell "Ghosts" - Tissue Paper Ghosts To call forth this gathering, use glue dots to stick construction-paper eyes and mouths onto white tissue-paper wedding bells, then drape them with cheesecloth.


I wear glasses. My favorite actress wears glasses. Even my favorite superhero wears glasses. Glasses are hot!


Sometimes it's okay to take a step back and just breathe! Check out more things you can do today, to feel better tomorrow!

Howto piss off your de signer fr ie nd s and gi v e t hem a migraine.

Funny pictures about How to piss off a designer. Oh, and cool pics about How to piss off a designer. Also, How to piss off a designer.

I believe in good pizza

Good People It’s summertime…well in my mind August and September still count. Summertime is my favorite.

Los tiempos cambian

The nerd is today's hipster. And being a kid, I appreciate the nerd look far more than the current hipsters. Thanks.


Analyzing a hey text. Heyy (I think I like you). Heyyy (Take the hint dumbass). Heyyyy (Let's fuck). Heyyyyy (I'm drunk).

Aeropuerto de Santiago de Compostela

Aeropuerto de Santiago de Compostela