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Ooh, ah, fair warning, according to Muji love smells of sweaty gym shorts attempted to be masked with crude layers of false hope and dead wild flowers

I feel like this everyday, I sit there cross legged in the middle of the night thinking about where to go. - M

Im not myself anymore & that scares me the most. I feel empty, i feel lost. I just needed someone to make me feel like myself back.

To find it with someone who gets you & loves all your imperfections & accepts you with all that comes along with you is incredible.

So unexpectedly he became the man I kiss goodnight, and wake up to the next morning with his arms wrapped around me. I love you, babe.

"Sometimes happiness is a feeling. Sometimes it's a decision."

20 Happiness Quotes For When You're Feeling Lost And Depressed

"Sometimes happiness is a feeling. Sometimes it's a decision."