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Römisches Holz-Erde-Kastell, 3D-Rekonstruktion von LINK3D Freiburg für das Römermuseum Riegel

Gates to the Roman fort at Weissenburg by L!

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Medieval Russian set - Page 2 - Civilization Fanatics' Forums

Pre-Christian and early medieval architecture.

A gord is a medieval Slavic fortified settlement, also occasionally known as a burgwall or Slavic burgwall after the German name for these sites. This Proto-Slavic word (*gordъ) for town or city, later differentiated into grad (Cyrillic: град), gard, gorod (Cyrillic: город), etc.

Gród na górze Birów 2 - Gord (archaeology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Basic buddhist teachings #ZenMeditation

Basic buddhist teachings #ZenMeditation

Tenochtitlán, México - reconstituição em seu auge

The Aztec culture thrived on religion and power. The Aztecs often practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism. The Aztecs were also very advanced in their irrigation and building techniques.

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