Simpele tent in de kamer: Hang een stok aan het plafond, gooi er een groot laken overheen en leg de matras erin en jouw supertent is af!

Kids teepee have been right on trend for a while now, because children (and parents) love to play in a teepee. Many different products categories exist in the play tents and teepees department.

tyll boll: bordsdekoration, mobil i barnrum, flera ihop till taklampa?

My Vintage Caravan ~ DIY Pom-pom Decorations

wallconcept 2012 by Eco wallpaper.

pastel girls room with adorable 'princess and the pea' bed.

Use Your 'Behind The Door Space' As Bookshelves!

Wasted space behind door becomes book shelf. 16 Great DIY Home Ideas

Heart art by Becknboys

Check out "DIY Paper Heart Wall Art" Decalz title='Lo. ( sweet little girls bedroom & headboard art ) . If only i can do this with rain drops for my little girl

Barnrum med många fina idéer. Sänghimmel, trädgren i taket. Ljusa vackra färger och en lugn bas.

There are many things to like about this space. love the idea of chair becoming small space with the canopy above-idea for furniture production. Love the branch from the ceiling. Love the stark whiteness.