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With the cold weather bringing everyone indoors, and the upcoming Yule holiday, making crafts and gifts indoors is a cozy, soul-nourishing activity. Here’s some ideas for creating with the he…

Edited December, Check out additional ideas at the end from this Yule season. I plan to continue to update this post with new additions every year. With the cold weather bringing everyone i…

Natural ways to celebrate Ostara, pagan, wiccan, spring equinox

Penniless Pagan: Ten Ways to Celebrate Ostara (The Spring Equinox) Without Spending a Dime

Spring Wreath Ostara Wreath Pentacle Wreath by TheShabbyWitch

Spring Pentacle Wreath Approx 12 " grapevine wreath with silk flowers Handmade by The Shabby Witch.

Handmade Positively Pagan Wiccan Ostara / by PositivelyPagan

Handmade Pagan Wiccan Ostara / Spring Equinox by PositivelyPagan - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Pink Mossy Oak Gun and Scope Skins! This would be neat so the husband and I could tell our shotguns apart. But probably not effective for duck hunting.

Pink Mossy Oak Gun and Scope Skins! Love my pink mossy oak Remington 870 express!