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Get inspired! 10 of the best IKEA hacks of 2016 from IKEAhackers.net.

Change is never easy, but it can be so beautiful. xoxo

"Worrying is literally betting against yourself" – Never thought about it that way!

I unashamedly feel this way about three days a week. Countdown to May 2013!

Ok this is an awesome road trip game!

Funny tumblr post

"I am bilingual and I always get asked what language I think in. I have no clue. I just think. "

"The struggles of being bilingual: Knowing what a words means in one language but not able to translate it literally to the other language (Or that's just me)"

Dear Parents, Kids can tell which one is your favorite, even if you haven't realized you have one yet. Sincerely, The Middle Child