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Alice Sundström
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Running is kind of like coffee. The first time you drink it you might not like it. It's bitter and leaves a bad taste in your mouth but you kind of like the way it makes you feel. However, after a few times, it starts to taste better and then all of a sudden you’re hooked Get more running motivation on Favorite Run Facebook page -

Running is kind of like coffee. This explains both coffee & running perfectly.more coffee though. My love for running was almost immediately.

Don't Look Back In Anger I'm going through a bit of an oasis phase aha THEY ARE SO GOOD

via "Memories of days gone by! What a tune what an era. Life flies by. Epic memories triggered by a few lyrics a few short sentences. Life is made for living. Live it. In style. Most importantly. In Noel's words. Don't look back in anger.

Gym humor

There's nothing stronger than love. Except Ronnie Coleman. He can squat 800 lbs jajajajajajjajaa