Knit a Monster Nursery - Practical and Playful

Knitting patterns, but I think you could figure out a crotchet method or use old sweaters and shirts to make these little guys for kiddos. Thanks Amy! Knit a Monster Nursery - Practical and Playful Knitted Baby Patterns By Rebecca Danger

Knitted Toys - Little bunny. So freakin' cute!!

MUST LEARN TO KNIT.Knitted Toys - Little bunny. So cute!and lots of other very cute knit patterns, including bunny book marks.

Knitted Toys

We added next knitted bears to our toy collection. They are about 11 inch cm) tall and they are very cuddly and soft. Pattern - o.

Knitted Toy Tales

A collection of 15 elephant knitting patterns to knit, gift, love and cherish! Wild elephants, circus elephants, baby elephants and more!