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Magical Moon Tattoo Designs (15)

Phases of the moon tattoo along with the Latin adage "Si vis pacem, para. >>> See even more at the picture

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Enochian Alphabet It's funnier in Enochian. This is supposed to be the angles alphabet. They clam that if we can speak the language the angles will appear and help you with your life and spirt.

oli, mat, and i want to say thats lee but im 99.9% sure its not him wow bye

When people say they love my boys(bmth) then get the words and names of my babies wrong. No fucking okay.

10 Writing Mistakes That Kill Your First Chapter

By Marcy Kennedy ( I’m teaching at a writer’s conference this week, so instead of one of my in-depth posts, I thought I’d create a quick checklist for you. Here are 10 writing mistake.