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Annika Liljequist
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Hemnetgodis på Hvitfeldtsgatan (Trendenser) this simplicity makes me so happy. even if you're rich, there is no harm staying in a house like this. super big homes are cold, lonely and makes me feel guilty.

built-in bookcases/desk

The joys of workspace organization. Whether you work from home, in a cube, in a corner office, or at a large communal table, the best way to zen out your space is to get it organized.

Love this eclectic gallery wall grouping - the unexpected addition of the deep blue work in the top right corner really makes it for us. And the way the houseplant was considered in the overall arrangement is stellar. A winner in our book!

Reading nooks were meant to be paired with gallery walls. This cozy spot not only features a well-styled shelf situation but it also comes with a gallery wall display that manages to emulate and complement the decorative palette of the area.


Source: La Maison dAnna G Books, books more books. One of simplest yet most effective styling tools. Note how the shelving is minimal and the books do all the talking :) floor to ceiling shelves