Astri Lindbäck

Astri Lindbäck

Astri Lindbäck
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Eeyore's eye — whiskandwhittle:   Source IG @modernthrift

In the study I would like the George desk on one side maybe the book shelves don't come all the way to the bottom, similar to this murphy bed.


If we are talking the best of the bob and the lob have got to be the top of the hair list. And when I say bob and lob in the same sentence all I can

Skitouring, czyli na nartach w obie strony.

The untouched powder in THIS town will ruin in-bounds skiing for you. ( Click the bio link to find out where.

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Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh. Or maybe just ride your bicycle.

Run on the beach.

The water may be chilly, but winter is the perfect time to go for a jog on the beach! Explore Emerald Isle on the sand on your next vacation!