VEE SPEERS Untitled #30, The Birthday Party Series, 2008

Vee Speers plakat med motiv fra The Birthday Party - Untitled Pigen med kaninen er fra serien The Birthday Party. Køb plakaten her!

Affisch Vee Speers 215 - Posters

About the Thirteen series "During my daughter’s thirteenth year, I photographed her as her childhood was eclipsed by growing pains and a desire for independenc

Untitled #34

The immediacy of Vee Speers’ imagery is overwhelming. Faces look directly at the viewer creating a quietly dramatic tension urging a reaction from the viewer.

New Photographic Serie ‘Botanica’ By Vee Speers - Gravity

Botanica: A New Photographic Print Series By Vee Speers - NordicDesign