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Harry Potter- Fred and George thing made me tear up. Horrible horrible people.

The fact that George still gives presents in Fred's name too makes me want to bawl my eyes out. feels :'( The fact that it's BILL's birthday is awesome.

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Happy Halloween everyone! I continue the patronus serie with the chosen one : Harry and his deer! I think it& my last Harry Potter& portait, I& try other things, now . I hope you& enjoy him (.

Remus and Tonks. Molly Weasley. Arthur Weasley. Minevra McGonagall. Harry Potter.

SO wish this scene was in the movies. I always loved Remus' and Tonks' relationship, the movies barely showed it. <-- YES Remus and Tonks are the best!

They all look so awesome and the way I imagined them except the green hai

Harry Potter, Hogwarts' Founders (Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff) Kind of An Anime Style.