FREE Multiplication Strategies - mini posters / reference charts for Maths #school

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart / Posters

Fraction Dice Game

Fraction Dice Game - This is a game that can be used to practice fraction recognition. Roll a pair of dice, make a fraction and cover the correct fraction illustration on the gameboard.

Human Body Poster

Human Body Systems: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, & Printables -for the Human Body Lapbook

Human body Systems foldable

Human body Systems foldable

Hoe zit het in elkaar: lichaam. Human body Systems foldable - have your child color before you cut out. Fold as a paper doll or cut out each and layer, attaching at the top with a staple.


fractions flip book-- cut each page into the fraction and have kids label accordingly-- great to teach parts of a whole & equivalent fractions

Flower Clock for Decoration and Teaching Time

Flower Clock for Decoration and Teaching Time

Classroom Clock, Classroom Displays, Classroom Ideas, Teaching Time, Teaching Clock, Teaching Ideas, Clock Template, Clock Labels, Analogue Clocks

Comparing fractions

Anchor charts are a staple in any elementary school classroom. Here are some truly inspired ones:Group work expectations anchor chart Ways to compare fractions anchor chart Quadrilaterals anchor ch…

My fraction game! I have, who has?

Fractions I have...Who has?

Game using fractional circles up to Each student gets a card and they read their fraction and ask who has.and it continues. Great fun way to practice fractions!

Ikea plastic bag holders for wrapping paper! Great idea!

Organizing gift wrap - Plastic bag holder from Ikea. I always strugle with organizing gift wrap, this is such a great idea. Ikea, here i come.lucky for me it is only a 10 minutes drive.

Label me printable - Bones, skeleton Pipo by @evapipo Level Easy KS2, #bones #skeleton #labelme #worksheet #coloring #Pipo

Not Just a Mom With Boys: Bear Cub Den Meeting 2 Agenda "Science Academics Pin" or Nutrition BL talking about healthy bodies and bones.

Homeschool Helper Online's Free Digestive System Worksheet Worksheet

Science Worksheets

Homeschool Helper Online's Free Digestive System Worksheet and lots of other great printable sheets