Brilliant pic

Salar de Uyuni marks the location of the world's largest salt flats, which can be found in southwest Bolivia. This stunning image captures the Uyuni Salt Flats right after rainfall. The salt crystals reflect puffy white clouds like an enormous mirror.

Crow Castle, Matsumoto Nagano, Japan

Crow Castle in Matsumoto Nagano Japan. Here you relax with these backyard landscaping ideas and landscape design.


Norway has never been a place on my 'Bucket List' that I had imagined visiting. After I saw this great photo, I was mesmerized; I believe my mind has been changed. Cloudy Day Over Geirangerfjord, Norway Credit : Joan Trias

Magical Forest, Bulgaria

Fleeting beams into spring forest - Bulgaria (by Evgeni Dinev). I love sunbeams.

Marina Bay Sands Sku Park, Singapore

Rooftop Pool, Singapore: A breathtaking view of Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. An Infinity Pool 55 stories up.


Bibury, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, England, UK - This would be such a lovely place to live.

Chapada, Brazil

Chapada dos Guimarães National Park (Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Guimarães in Portuguese) is a national park in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The geographical center of South America is located in the Park.

Hotel Villa in Honegg, Switzerland

The Villa Honegg is a luxurious hotel in the heart of Switzerland on mount Bürgenstock. This private mansion was built in 1905 and reopened for hotel in 20

Jacaranda Street, Sydney Australia

Let Us Enjoy The Nature -Jacaranda Street, Sydney, Australia. Purple flowers on the jacaranda tree. Jacaranda tree lined street.

Green House

This Icelandic turf houses is so beautiful and green look, just an original building in the natural environment.