Harbour Front Residence by Hess | Hoen

Harbour Front Residence by Hess

Harbour Front Residence in New South Wales / Australia / 2014 by Hess / Hoen Architects Foto©: Prue Ruscoe

Rooftop Garden with raised beds

Custom-built steel planters nestle into raised wooden beds that double as bench seating on a rooftop

Pond reflected in mirror-tricked my eyes!

Mirrors in the Garden… If this was a small yard, you could use a mirror to make this illusion of a long water feature

Horizontal slats with poured concrete base.

Privacy wall/trellis: Horizontal slats with poured concrete base. Creates an enclosed garden room!

Beautify the Minimalist Living with Horizontal Wood Fence : Modern Horizontal Wooden Fence Panels

Horizontal Wooden Fence Panels Wood Fence Prices How To Build A Wood In Horizontal Wood Fence Designs

Slatted fence in San Francisco

The once-sloping space now has climbing vines, a slatted fence, and foxtail agaves.


Urban river © Salvador San Vicente - this is photography