Cassandra Nilsson

Cassandra Nilsson

Hot-headed, headstrong, cynical, too nice, quiet, patient, open, protective, absent-minded, feline, attention whore, intellectual, creative, ambitious, the thin
Cassandra Nilsson
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How to draw Christmas decoration, chrysanthemum from substrates grown man!

lit christmas doodly do


a snowman, Santa and a reindeer.

How to Draw a Santa Claus | #52weeksofhowtodraw | #christmas #diy #illustration |

Could daily translate into an elf or tomten!

1. Start with three circles. Notice that the middle circle is slightly larger. 2. Add a muzzle. Draw curving lines for the neck, belly and back. 3. Draw a nose and an eye. Add a line for the mouth. Draw an ear. Draw a tail. Begin the legs. 4. Complete all four legs. Add toes to the paws. 5. Erase extra lines. 6 Shade and color your dachshund.

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If you want to keep your life organized, then you should really check out these tips and ideas on how to start a bullet journal! With a bullet journal, I can now plan and keep track of all the upcoming events for the entire week in my weekly logs, the entire month in my monthly logs, and even the full year in my future logs. Plus, there's tons of bullet journal layout ideas listed in this post that will help you keep your bullet journal organized and easy to read. Every bullet journal…

*I like the first weekly log because it is simple. Lots of good ideas for monthly layouts

christmas gift tracker

Look at the details in this gift tracker from ・・・ The colored version of next week!

Love yourself as much as you love memes! H/T @bodypositivememes

I needed this to combat sexist high school anxiety

Bullet journal collection ideas | Bujo layouts | Bullet journal inspiration

*I like the first weekly log because it is simple. Lots of good ideas for monthly layouts

The malfoys god damn. Still sexy.  I say that, then feel weird watching the first few movie... I mean the later ones weirdos :P

What 10 Harry Potter Actors Said About Their Roles. Lucius Malfoys is THE BEST lol a really bitchin hairdo

19 years later is today - September Albus Severus Potter