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Alva Rosengren
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For those who know me, they know running is by far my weakest suit when it comes to being an athlete. Time to fix that.

Beginner's Running Plan - This plan pretty much details what I would advise people who find it difficult to start running after a long "off-period". Do short intervals or walking and running or jogging.

.@candicechurchill | Tomorrow's work #skull #skulltattoo  #skullsketch | Webstagram

.@candicechurchill | Tomorrow's work #skull #skulltattoo #skullsketch | Webstagram

My brand new tattoo done by the lovely JenZie at OWT in Brugge, Belgium. For more information: jenziebel@gmail.comPicture was taken right after she finished it; will submit a better one when healed but couldnt wait to share it!

Thigh tattoos are IN right now and they are SEXY AF. Check out these sultry thigh tattoos for women and get some inspiration for your visit to the tattoo parlor.