Holiday tree in water will make any room feel warm and cozy!  "Check out my other pins as guest pinner for @FaveCrafts this month!"

Loving this modern take on the Christmas tree! By taking a small, living tree, untangling and cleaning the roots and placing it in a large jar or vase, you get a beautiful contemporary Christmas tree that you can plant after the holidays.

Rustic first birthday party on Canadian Mountain Chic

Isla’s Woodland Birthday Party

Old hanging shades decorated with greenery

This idea using old hanging lamp shades decorated with greenery could be incorporated into trimming all your chandelier light arms, then adding touches of ribbon, bows, holly, and shiny ornaments.

Tele2 Webmail -Meddelande från mappen  för

2 pallets + 3 pavers + white paint = a great outdoor shelf, bar or garden table. This is inexpensive, easy and handy. Share to keep it on your wall for future reference.

DIY Floating Cupcake Stand by adrian

DIY Floating Birch Cake Stand - Rustic Wedding Chic i like the way using baby's breath accents these pieces

Click on the picture for source!  Hej från min sista arbetsvecka på så himla länge! Nästa måndag börjar min semester så detta är sommarens sista måndagslista. Det känns helt underbart...

10 festtips

Use butcher block paper as tablecloth. this could be neat if you are doing a kids table. Obvs not Christmas but something like this with activities and the paper table cloth.

.this gives me some great ideas for under the deck.

- Sort of used this theme for Taylor's shower. My husband cut a few rounds from a big branch we (he) felled. Put pies on them. savvycityfarmer: FARM WEDDING EXTRAORDINAIRE pies instead of wedding cake


instructions for guests written on the butcher paper "tablecloth" // fun for brunch or kids' sleepover.Note: Love the butcher paper idea!