This is my life. Even the bad things give me good things. And you are one of those good things that bad things have brought to my life.

Self love

I have applied at schools may get Cdl to drive bus. Will probably clean houses for a Lil bit. Just need to get away from these dogs and new start.

In life you're going to be left out, talked about, lied to, and used. But you have to decide who's worth your tears and who's not.

In life, you’re going to be left out, talked about. You have to decide who’s worth your tears: Quote About In Life Youre Going To Be Left Out Talked About You Have To Decide Whos Worth Your Tears

Living each day until I feel alive again. You called me love. It made me feel.many things. Alive sums it up nicely.

Inspirational Travel Quote: "Take vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can't always make memories.


For those who forget you, forget them. They are the ones who gave up easily. They weren't strong enough. But now that they've waited too long forgive and forget them. They're not worth your time.


20 Ways You Know You Are An Optimist

Its just a bad day, not a bad life.reminding my self of thi after a verrry bad day.


Never give up your dreams, great things take time! “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure” - Paulo Coelho

Pretty sure I wasn't happy during child birth but it was worth it. Pretty sure I'm not happy when working out but it's worth it. Pretty sure I'm not happy when ____ but it's worth it.