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its about ideas for classroom activities to do as a teacher with the students.
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“I’m crazy in love with you”

Kid art for Valentine's Day “I’m crazy in love with you” ( haren:door een rietje ecoline te blazen)

Free printable classroom Valentines. Just print out and add Smarties! Great way for your kids to say Happy Valentine's Day to friends and family. See more Valentine's Day idea at CatchMyParty.com.

To all Canadians looking at this post and going crosseyed, I can help: Americans don't know what chocolate "Smarties" are. Also, they call "Rockets" "Smarties".

FREE Word Family Worksheets

This activity introduces initial word sounds while keeping the main chunk of the word the same. This teaches students to see how different words can be when the first letter changes.

Every Student From This Elementary School Had To Paint One Rock In His Own Style, And Here’s The Result | Bored Panda

Every Student From This Elementary School Had To Paint One Rock In His Own Style, And Here’s The Result

Jessica Moyes' students colored individual rocks and then placed them in the school yard for a stunning display of creativity.

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Early Childhood Sorting and Categorizing Worksheets

**FREE** AY Word Family Match Picture with Word Worksheet.Topics: Sorting & Categorizing, Word Families, Reading, and Phonics.

Free beginning sound and phonics worksheets for pre-school and kindergarten students.

This is more for the language arts subject, but the website includes free templates that, as a teacher, will be extremely helpful and keep the students interested

We can read environmental print! At the beginning of the year, this teacher asks parents to send in 10 food labels. She then sorts them in alphabetic order and puts them in a sheet protector so she can add more as they come in!

This would be fun to have magazines or food labels that we can add to our wall as kids learn more words.

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