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The Rhode Island Homestead 10-15 Chickens!

The Rhode Island Homestead Extra Large Chicken Coop The run has a galvanized wire-meshed roof which protects your chickens from predators! - Long Run - Tongue and groove construction - Made of top

Chicken coop

I REALLY want a chicken coop as soon as we get our first home. And a cow. And a nanny goat. And a vegetable garden. :) I’d love to know what I am putting into my future children’s bodies. Also, how much fun would that be for the little ones!

If you're having an outdoor wedding, lawn games are a fun way to make sure your guests are totally entertained! Great for cocktail hours and receptions.

Print out the free summer-themed stencils and start making up your cards. This tutorial uses cork tiles, but rug scraps, foam board or even cardboard would work.Full instructions at Studio DIY.