This pic is like going down my memorylane from summerbreaks when I was young. I truly miss those summers.

I would love to spend some time in Sweden. The county of Småland, southern Sweden, is one of many places made for those red Swedish summer houses.

This is so true Sweden,  Mollosund

This is so true Sweden, Mollosund

Why do foreign housemagasin say that this is a typical swedish house? Not in my Sweden

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Stockholm city, Sergels torg waterfontain.

Glass Obelisk and Fountain Photograph by Nicholas Pitt. Sergels Torg's glass obelisk and fountain were created by sculptor Edvin Öhrström in

We are very good in Sweden to build houses like this eco friendly house.

Image 1 of 18 from gallery of Villa Nyberg / Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture. Courtesy of Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture