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Anders Törnqvist
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TwoFaced – Magazine Website Template

This is TwoFaced - a magazine website template with a clean and simple design. Big thanks to Olly Babiak for sharing this freebie with the Sketch community.

Dating back to 1680, this mysterious coin appears to be another example............PARTAGE OF JEFF ANDREWS..........ON FACEBOOK.............

The Mysterious Worldwide UFO Coins The century French copper coin“Is it supposed to be a UFO of some sort, or a symbolic representation of the Biblical Ezekiel’s wheel? Dating back to this mysterious coin appears to be another example of the first

The stone is estimated to have been created somewhere between 10 to 12 thousand years ago. It is basically a globe of our planet. All of the main continents are depicted on the stone and for the most part they are shown in their correct locations and their correct relative sizes. How could anyone possibly know the geographic locations and sizes of all the worlds land masses that long ago?

World Map Stone - Mortar-filled engraved megalithic stone whose pink lines show the known continents and one landmass each in the Atlantic and Pacific which have sunk due to tectonic plate activity, over at least years ago

ncas and other pre-Columbian people left behind some extremely puzzling trinkets. Some of the strangest are probably the so-called Ancient Aeroplanes, which are small, golden figures that closely resemble modern jet planes. Originally thought to be zoomorphic (meant to resemble animals), the statues were soon found to have features that look very much like fighter planes’ wings, stabilizing tails, and even landing gears. They were aerod

A small 2 inch long object, worn as a pendant on a neck chain, was discovered in Central America and is estimated to be at least years old. It’s made of gold and has been interpreted by some as a model of a jet airplane or Space Shuttle.