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bathroom tiles (Nordic leaves)

Light grey tile floor running behind bath; then right side exposed brick painted white + chunky wooden shelves above hidden cistern displaying plants & hand towels; left side feature wall of dark grey with zuster cabinet

Area Rug Placement - how to choose the correct size when purchasing a rug

How To Series: Area Rug Placement - This all comes down to choosing the correct size when purchasing a rug. by Burplap & Lace Ughhhh! Am I going to area rug hell now?


I tried to do something similar with a whole bookshelf only containing white books. white books are really hard to find! Design Perfectionist White, black and grey - Todd Waterbury's home 832-422-7874

COLORS AND FLOOR FOR LAUNDRY ROOM laundry room. I really really want a beautiful room like this to do my laundry. Smooth polished dark wood stain floors and natural tan brown walls. It's like a sanctuary.