It's DC's team super-friends. the Justice League of America. all in formation. and they are water skiing!

holy #batman batman!

Funny pictures about Long Exposure Batman. Oh, and cool pics about Long Exposure Batman. Also, Long Exposure Batman photos.


This is what CJ wants, just want it up a little bit higher. Image from GQ CUTS: Batman design

Batman, folded from an uncut square of paper, by Brian Chan who also has insane origami skillz.


Batman Superhero nails- I think this is pretty cool, but I would think they could be dangerous!

dazz rightttt

Art This is going to be my future child = Batman ! The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman! Inspirational Quotes inspiration-quotes-etc

batman mask

Batman Mardi Gras mask, for those who must conceal their identity, and party in the shadows of the pale moon light.

can i have one?

Whether you’re a die-hard batman fan or not, this Batman sweatshirt is pretty awesome! This sweatshirt is sure to make anyone feel like a superhero. It comes in a sleek turquoise blue color with the Batman logo right on the […]