Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor

Stockholm-based Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects (K+S) has won first prize in a competition to design the “Skärvet” urban neighborhood in Växjö, Sweden.

Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor

Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects - Driftwood- The project is well integrated into the local surroundings, the buildings connect the adjacent field and activity park with the infrastructure of the ci

Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor

multi-generational neighborhood with a "green loop" focus organization KjellanderSjoberg Nya Eriksberg birdview

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Ron Arad designs cancer hospital for Israeli and Palestinian communities

Ron Arad reveals plans for cancer treatment centre in Israel that will serve Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze communities in Israel and Palestine

Port de Tolbiac. Image © Wikimedia CC user Mbzt

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rosendal_01jpg (940×607)

Kjellander + Sjöberg Take First Place with Rosendal Apartments,Street View of Exterior. Image Courtesy of Kjellander + Sjöberg

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