DIY LEGO Snow Globes via Mini Eco

Last Minute DIY Holiday Ornaments

Budgettips: Plantoys spargris | Trendenser | Bloglovin’

Budgettips: Plantoys spargris (Trendenser)

The Mini Jungle Cardboard Toy Set Provides an Instant Zoo #etsy #toys

Cardboard Zoo Playsets

Mini Jungle by milimbo on Etsy, cool toys handmade from recycled stuff cardboard toy

Great idea, love this packaging!   Tube Toys - packaging that becomes the toy

What if there were no more tiny toys in vast packaging and the packaging became part of the toy? This practical and eco idea is now a reality with Tube Toys

Sling-Slang Yoyo — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging

Sling-Slang Yoyo

The Dieline Awards Place Games, Toys, Sports, Recreational- Sling-Slang YOYO — The Dieline - Package Design Resource

Small for Big — Playful Modern Kids Design – Eco-Friendly DIY and Handmade Toys – Design Stuff for Baby | Small for Big – Mari Richards — Page 6

Animal Jam National Geographic Kids Lost Temple of Zios Free Printable Paper Toys for Kids - and 2 other Animal Jam Printable lands in the links!

Ideas para hacer juguetes reciclados | viviendo en la tierra

plastibot - found object plastic assemblage robot by Brian Marshall 2