African Pygmy Kingfisher.  Cute, plucky little guy, isn't he?

No Chirping for the African Pygmy Kingfisher - This very small but very cute bird is the African Pygmy Kingfisher. At only around cm in length, this guy sticks to eating insects rather than fish like its cousins the River Kingfishers. The African

shake on it?

Diver and whale high five by Marco Queral. I wanna give a whale a high-five!

How dogs help people live longer and better lives. And how we help them, too.

Pet Therapy: How Animals And Humans Heal Each Other

Thelma Balmaceda, age, pets Viola, the resident canine at the Children's Inn on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. Families stay at the inn when their children are undergoing experimental therapies at NIH.


Post with 445 votes and 240005 views. Snow Leopard (x-post from pics)

See video of Mr Big, an amazing lion.

Mr Big roars and struts his stuff for wildlife photographer.

Cheetah stopped at Heathrow Airport

Cheetah Escapes Enclosure At Indianapolis Zoo Causing Lockdown, Visitors Ushered To ‘Safe Locations’

Uggie wins my vote for an Oscar.

Uggie wins my vote for an Oscar.